Enviro Safe Solutions provides the most advanced natural Ionised Mineral based solutions to treat any water volume safely and effectively:


  • Controls algae, bacteria and organic film build-up
  • Controls and prevents noxious gases and foul odors
  • Improves aesthetic water conditions
  • Reduces reliance on chemical disinfection
  • Reduces suspended solids and lowers filtration requirements
  • Meets stringent government standards
  • Potable water reservoirs and storage tanks, canals, pipelines and decorative water features.

Managers and engineers responsible for municipal water quality frequently face challenges as a result of biological contamination in raw water supplies. Cyanobacteria and other algae produce toxins that affect the color, taste and smell of water can also lead to conditions that are both life threatening and injurious to the environment if not managed properly.

Ionic Nano Copper works to correct and prevent both aesthetic and toxic water issues stemming from biological contaminants in potable and non-potable water systems. Used seasonally as prevention, it minimizes downstream treatment costs. It also reduces reliance on more harmful or costly solutions such as chlorine, flocculants and activated carbon.

Ionic Nano Copper  is an environmentally sound alternative to solvents, chelates, sequestering agents and harmful synthetic chemicals.


HOW Ionic Nano Copper  WORKS

A New Copper. Using minute quantities of the most biologically active form of copper Ionic Nano Copper  achieves effective results from very low application rates.

Unlike copper sulfate, Ionic Nano Copper ‘s copper does not sink to the bottom. It naturally seeks a balanced disbursement leading to even performance results. In contrast, copper sulfate is commonly plagued by ‘hot spots’ and inconsistent effectiveness. Ionic Nano Copper  is also longer lasting. It remains bio-available through a wide range of conditions until assimilated by a target microorganism allowing for on-going water protection. And unlike copper sulfate and chlorine-based anti-microbial applications, it is not affected by sunlight and does not evaporate nor precipitate. It is also capable of remaining biologically active through the rigors of high pH, alkalinity and organic content.

Chlorine vs Enviro Safe Solutions:

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